The Studio Firmano for the History of Medicine and Science is a private scientific research institute, officially recognized as legal entity by the Italian Ministry for Research, University and Education, that aims at promoting the study of the history of medicine and science in the widest international context. At that end, the Studio Firmano collaborates with a wide range of Italian and foreign Universities, Institutes, and Research Centres by sponsoring as well as organising seminars, workshops, conferences, and congress scientific publications. Among its facilities the Studio counts a library specialized in medical history with a recently re-ordered archive and library – whose catalogues are available here – and a museum with a small but important medical collection.

Dr. Andrea Vesprini


Located in Fermo, historical city in the Marche region, the Studio Firmano was founded in 1955 by the physician and historian Mario Santoro (Catignano, 1905 – Fermo,1988), pupil of the celebrated Adalberto Pazzini at ‘La Sapienza’ University in Rome, with the aim of renovating the historical legacy of the city of Fermo, particularly well known in the Seventeenth century for its studies in medicine and philosophy.
After Mario Santorio’s death, in 1988, the Studio Firmano was directed by Dr Alfredo Serrani to whom it succeeded in 2014 Dr. Andrea Vesprini, a hygienist physician who graduated in history of medicine at the University of Padua with Loris Premuda.


The Studio Firmano is organized according to a Statute which contemplates three main administrative bodies: the Council of Priors (Consiglio dei Priori), the shareholders meeting (Assemblea dei Soci) and an accountant college (Collegio dei Revisori dei Conti).

The Council of Priors is composed by seven members: The Rector, the Vice-Rector and Chief of the Research activity, the General Secretary and other four members with specific charges. Members of the shareholders meeting are fellows coming from Italian and International research Institutes or University Departments. Fellows are selected and co-opted by the Council of Priors in recognition of their skills and curriculum.

The Studio Firmano bestows the title of Honorary Fellow to international scholars who particularly distinguished for their dedication to the history of medicine and science. Among the most recent fellows we are proud to mention Prof. Vivian Nutton (First Moscow State Medical University and Emeritus Professor at UCL- Wellcome Institute of History of Medicine), Prof. Pietro Corsi (Emeritus Professor history of the science, Faculty of history, University of Oxford) and Dr. Fabrizio Bigotti (Centre for Medical History – University of Exeter). Among the fellows who distinguished particularly for their dedication to develop the international culture relationships of the Studio Firmano we are proud to mention too Sir Giulio Cesare Vinci Gigliucci, past Italian Ambassador at Stockholm and President of the Cultural Centre “Antiqua Marca Firmana” (http://www.ccamf.org) that promotes international musical competitions.


prof. Loris Premuda (1917-2012)

prof. Bruno Zanobio (1926 – 2015)


Prof. Vivian Nutton

Prof. Pietro Corsi

Dr. Fabrizio Bigotti

Dr. Giulio Cesare Vinci Gigliucci